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In 1998, CWSI was incorporated as a sister company of CWI, a small but reputable South Florida Multi Dwelling/Commercial Contractor.

The goal: To develop a comprehensive, full-service telecommunications construction firm to supply South Florida’s growing market.

The result: Receiving almost a thousand new projects this past year alone, CWSI has become one of the largest telecommunication contractors in Florida with services from Ocala to the Florida Keys.

From Commercial Business Projects to Storm Damage, CWSI’s Team is knowledgeably experienced and committed to building a better and safer infrastructure for tomorrow.  Powered by Enterprise Fleet Management, our well-maintained fleet of trucks allow us to deliver reliable, and quality services throughout the state of Florida.

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National Safety Council
Safety Mission Statement
At CWSI, we're all about safety!

Our people’s lives, families, and communities depend upon it.

CWSI is committed to an uncompromising Safety culture for the well-being of our employees, customers, contractors, and the communities in which we work. It is our mission to provide and maintain an unyielding Safety program. Our philosophy is ‘Safety First’ in all things.

Safety is our highest core value. Our vision is to be the Safest, most supportive and compliant company in the Communication Industry. To complete every project incident and injury free.

To lead, manage, inspire, perform, measure, produce, and behave in ways that ensure safety to all.

We value life and well-being above all else, and we demonstrate that in all we do.
Every incident, injury, and workplace illness is preventable. We are personally, and collectively, accountable for Safety – our own, and each other’s.

Our commitment to ‘Safety First’, advances our quality, cost, and schedule goals.

While remaining a force in construction and Multi-Dwelling Projects

CWSI has evolved into a full service contractor. Fiber Optic Splicing, Design (CADD) Engineering, Commercial Installations and Technical Departments have been added to meet the needs of our client base.

Future plans include additional operational centers outside of Florida, and maintaining a workforce to continue to meet the ever evolving demands of our customer base.